Formation of Legal Entity

  • Formation of Business Entity:
    Entity selection (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships, etc) and review; preparation and filing of formation documents including state and city business licenses and FEIN; consultation on maintaining entity designation.
  • Agent of Record:
    Accept service for businesses, Receive and respond to business renewal information from the Secretary of State and Department of Licensing. (Yearly rates available.)
  • Vesting Schedules
    Consultation on making decisions on structuring equity investments; Drafting of vesting schedules for contractors, founders, equity holders, etc.; Assistance in managing schedules and issuing equity.
  • Governing Documents:
    Prepare documents to govern the management and structure of  the business including Operating Agreements; Shareholder Agreements; Articles of Incorporation and By Laws; Corporate Minutes and Resolutions; etc.
  • Restructuring or Expanding your Business:
    Provide legal support from Consultation to Closing for business restructuring; buying/selling assets or shares; planning mergers or acquisitions; redeeming  shareholders interests; buy/sell agreements between partners, etc.